Chatellerault in the department of Vienne is located on the river of the same name 21km southwest of Barrou. It is your nearest 'large town' with the opportunity to experience French shopping from a town centre experience to out-of-town superstores. It  is a town with an industrial history which has much to do with its position at the confluences of the rivers Vienna, Clain, Envigne and Ozon. Early trading in cutlery, tanning and rope-making made it a favourable choice for the location of a munitions factory at the beginning of the 19th century. There is a large market here on a Thursday.



This industry has now gone with the munitions factory now playing host to a museum dedicated to the history of transport where you can discover more than 150 vehicles,  collections of engines, motorcycles, accessories and posters await you in a restored building and a completely renewed presentation. 


A good blogpost on the museum here



Within the town you will also find a very good indoor swimming pool with tubes, a baby pool, competition pool and jacuzzi. The opening hours are a bit erratic but an afternoon visit should find it open every day.  There is also an indoor ice skating rink. 



The town has a large park at Lac de La Forét situated just outside of the town off the A10. The large lake which has its 'beach ' offers a number of opportunities to 'take to the water'. During the local school's summer holidays water-activities including canoe hire are free of charge.    



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